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Map of Savonlinna

Map of Olavinlinna

The Castle auditorium

The Olavinlinna auditorium seats 2,257 and has facilities for three normal-sized wheelchairs. Section A rises from row 8, section B from row 12 and section C from row 11. All the rows in section D rise.
The box seats 96 and the box tickets include refreshments during the first interval and a welcoming session (with refreshments) in the Castle foyer at 18.30.

The orchestra is in a pit in front of the stage.
The performances are held in the main, covered courtyard.

Arrival at performances and latecomers

The opera performances begin at 19.00. Please take your seat in Olavinlinna Castle at least 15 minutes before the start of the performance. Latecomers will have to wait until the first interval in order to be admitted. 

Security checks

Access to Olavinlinna Castle is via a security check. Bags, backpacks and other such baggage will be checked. The check will be made by security officers before the bridge leading to the castle or, for those arriving by boat, on the landing stage behind the castle. Please allow more time than usual for entering the castle.

Please note the following in connection with the performance on July 27:
Be sure to leave plenty of time for the security check on entering Olavinlinna Castle. Special arrangements will be in place due to the visit of the Finnish and Russian President.

The following are not permitted in the castle area: firearms, sharp objects such as knives, any items designed to cause injury, multiple tools, explosives, fireworks, flares, laser pointers, light sticks and aerosols (e.g. hairspray). Nor may alcohol, drugs or glass bottles be brought into the area. Any larger bags such as suitcases must be left at the check point. Banned items must be surrendered.

Security checks are being introduced due to the general change in global security and the new terrorist threat assessment for Finland made by the Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo).


The Festival has no official dress code but please remember that Olavinlinna is a medieval castle. The courtyard can be cool even on a summer evening, so bring warm clothing with you. The Castle passages and floors are very uneven, so wear stout shoes.

Photographing and smoking

Photographing, recording and smoking are prohibited during the performances, and mobile phones must be switched off.

Surtitles and language of performance

Operas are performed in their original language. The auditorium has a surtitling facility that may not be fully visible from every seat. The surtitle translations of the sung texts are in Finnish and English. The sets of some operas may obstruct the view of the stage from some seats.

Savonlinna Opera Festival publications - festival book €25 and librettos €10 each

You may like to find out more about the opera you are to see by studying the festival book and the libretto beforehand, either during the journey to Savonlinna or at your hotel. 

The festival book is the Opera Festival’s traditional fund of information about the season’s operas, their makers and soloists. A quality publication, it has texts in Finnish and English. The librettos are in the original language with a Finnish translation, and there is also a short article about the opera and a synopsis in Finnish and English.

You can buy the festival book and librettos at our online shop or your hotel. Advance orders are handled by the Savonlinna Opera Festival Office and our partner the Savonlinna Swimming Club, which also sells books and librettos in and outside Olavinlinna Castle on opera nights. Buying them helps to support the Swimming Club’s youth work.

Ticket sales at Tallisaari Island

In addition to Savonlinna Opera Festival Office (Olavinkatu 27, Savonlinna) there is ticket sales at building on the right just before the pontoon bridge to the Castle. It's open 1,5 hours before the performance.

Please note: Ticket sales at Tallisaari Island is closed on July 27. 

Pre-opera talks 

Savonlinna Summer University and the Savonlinna Opera Festival arrange pre-opera talks in Finnish. These talks, which are open to anyone, begin at 17.00 (Castle in the Water July 8-9 at 12.30 and Iolanta July 29 at 13) and last about an hour. The price per talk is €8. Groups are asked to book in advance at Savonlinna Summer University, tel. +358 44 773 0998,
Pre-opera talks in the 2017 season:
Jan Granberg July 7 -9
Tapani Länsiö July 10-15
Minna Lindgren July 17 -22
Jan Granberg July 25 - 29
Uljas Pulkkis July 31 - August 4  

Please note: The pre-opera talk about Iolanta on July 27 has been moved from Riihisaari to the Huvila Brewery Restaurant terrace (Puistokatu 4, Savonlinna). The talk is free and will last 30 minutes.

Refreshments in the Castle

Bookings either by phone (+358 29 123 9600 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min)) or by email at

Please note: The interval Club Opera event in the Congress Hall has been cancelled on July 27. Instead, you can claim your glass of sparkling wine on presentation of your Club Card at one of the Castle sales points.


The Castle auditorium has provision for three wheelchairs. Wheelchair seats  can be booked beforehand at the Festival Office, tel. +358 15 476 750,

Young children

The presence of young children in the Castle auditorium may be a trial both for the children themselves and for other members of the audience. Children attending Opera Festival events must have their own tickets. The age recommendation for the children’s operas is six years or more.
There are a few booster cushions availabel from the ushers.


There are several car parks in the centre of town near the Castle, such as on Punkaharjuntie, Malminranta, Tottinkatu and Koulukatu. Visitors can also use the multi-storey car park at the passenger harbour end of Tottinkatu.