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A Romantic Masterpiece

Its many unbeatable melodies and intriguing plot make The Puritans one of Bellini’s most splendid operas. Unfortunately, it was to be his last, for he died at the age of only 34. As his historical backdrop he chose the English Civil War between the Puritan Roundheads led by Oliver Cromwell (from 1649 to 1658) and the Royalist Catholic Cavaliers. The war is, however, but a sub-plot to an intense love story punctuated by passion, betrayal and madness.

The plot focuses on the love between Puritan Elvira and Catholic Arturo. The postponement of their wedding, and the announcement that Arturo has been condemned by Parliament to death provide substance for not one but two mad scenes, until a general amnesty permits a happy ending.

A Teatro Real Madrid guest production

Musical director: Evelino Pidò 
Stage director: Emilio Sagi 
Set designer: Daniel Bianco 
Costume designer: Pepa Ojanguren 
Lighting designer: Eduardo Bravo 
Chorus master: Andrés Máspero

Teatro Real Chorus and Orchestra



31.7. (premiere),
1.8., 3.8., 4.8.2017 at 19.

Sung in Italian.
Finnish and English surtitles.
Duration approximately three hours. One interval.