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Opera Festival Rocks!

The Opera Festival is all set to rock on the last weekend of the 2017 season. Arias will make way for heavy riffs as three front-line Finnish bands take the stage on Saturday evening, promising an unforgettable night for audience and players alike. A festival in itself, as endorsed by the night’s star artists:

“Stam1na goes high culture! It’s a great honour for us to be part of the Savonlinna Opera Festival at the lovely back end of the Finnish summer. Olavinlinna Castle will never be the same again after our little band gig and it’s difficult to imagine how Stam1na could experience this at a more way-out venue.”
Stam1na, Antti “Hyrde” Hyyrynen, guitar, vocalist
“Lots of the Stratovarius numbers reflect the influence of classical music. What could be finer than playing power metal at an Opera Festival, and in a real castle!”
Stratovarius, Timo Kotipelto, vocalist

“Amorphis already has experience of the Opera Festival, because we appeared there a few years ago. Last time, some people were a bit doubtful whether our brand of rock would really work in a place like that. But it was a great experience, dramatic, and even the sound world worked extremely well despite the stone walls. Creeping bent double onto the platform via the little stone backstage passage was also something I’ll never forget. I was amused to think that even the big opera stars have had to crawl on stage in just the same way. Once again we’re greatly looking forward to this unusual evening in the world of opera.”
Amorphis, Tomi Joutsen, vocalist